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"Glenn is a professional. His variety of different exercises and activities promises you a fun and challenging road to fitness!"

Harry Fowler



James walmsley - click to view

"I started training with Glenn back in October 2008. I was 37 years old and at 20 stone was probably heading for an early heart attack. I remember our first session I could not jog more than 100 metres without stopping for a rest. I think I managed to squeeze out about 3 press ups and maybe 20 situps.

I was serious about getting fit so I trained with Glenn 3 times a week.

I loved training with Glenn. He’s a great bloke who is very sensitive to your limits but still pushes you as far as you can go.

In May of this year I did the Great Manchester Run (10km) at a good pace , without walking or stopping and in a respectable time.

My body shape and posture completely changed over the course of the 7 months I trained with Glenn. By May 09 I was doing ten laps of the park and a 100 press ups a session.

Glenn is a complete professional with a great sense of humour and a kind and supportive manner.

I have trained with Glenn off and on now for nearly a year.

If I could afford it I would train with him every day!

Sessions were always tough and challenging but never boring.

If you have the money and time to invest in yourself you could not wish to find a better personal trainer than Glenn."

James Walmsley


Jill Collins BBC - click to view

'I hadn’t done any serious exercise for years and the thought of training outdoors in all weathers didn’t sound too appealing.    I also had a big problem with motivation, but I knew I had to do something before I turned into a couch potato.

So I signed up for Glenn’s free health and fitness assessment.    Unlike the assessments you get at the gym, this was very thorough.  From my flexibility to my blood pressure right through to my diet and what I wanted to achieve – Glenn covered it all.

There was  absolutely no pressure to take up a training session, that was left for me to decide. 

I’ve now been training with Glenn for a year.  Admittedly, I found it hard work to begin with.  Every bone in my body seemed to ache for the first few weeks.  Plus, I did wonder if I’d lost my senses, running round in the freezing snow, when I could be lying on the sofa eating chocolate.  But I stuck with it and after a few months I did begin to see a difference.   
I became much more flexible,  I could run that bit further and that bit faster.  As for the weather, I didn’t even notice it.  Instead, what I have noticed is a huge difference in my physique and general fitness levels.

Glenn is the ideal person to train with.  He’s got an easy manner.  He’s very motivated which brushes off on you and he doesn’t make the sessions feel like hard labour.'

Jill Collins


Ian lees - click to view

'I have trained with Glenn for about 18 months now and have trained on average about three times a week. Before I started I considered myself pretty fit having run Marathons and the Great North run twice.
My problem was that all my motivation had gone I hated training and I generally felt stale and middle aged. From my first session onwards I began to realise that there was so much I could do and that I could achieve so much more.
18 months on I am a completely different person have fun training and I have achieved things I never thought possible.  I have lost my running obsession and have a very varied training regime that has made me fitter than ever. Along the way I have stopped smoking and now only drink moderately at the weekend. I eat better than I ever have and physically I am in the best shape I have been in since my early twenties. The bonuses that come along with having Glenn are far more than just being able to achieve the physical things that I (and my mates) thought never possible.
My self confidence is sky high and I genuinely feel like I could achieve anything I wanted. Glenn is a lovely guy and I now consider him a friend as well my fitness and health guardian.
My wife bought me my first sessions to get me out of a rut…she says it is the best present she has ever given me.  I totally agree'