"Glenn is a professional. His variety of different exercises and activities promises you a fun and challenging road to fitness!"
Harry Fowler


How do I get fitter?

Forget the gym. Personal training is the only way to get fit and stay fit using programmes that I tailor to suit your capabilities and needs.

I use a 3 stage process to get you to the standard you want, firstly I get you to a point to which you are healthy and have a basic level of fitness, next you will reach your peak fitness and feel better than you have ever felt. Finally we will maintain your peak level of fitness.

I'm already fit, what can you do for me?

Whatever your level of fitness I can work to increase your stamina and strength, working on your weak areas to get you the results you desire.

What will happen?

The unique aspect of Fitness Pinnacle is that I will come to you, whether you are at home, work or you want to meet in your local park. Together we will work on building your overall fitness and developing the right nutritional profile to suit you.


What's involved?

Our outdoor training sessions work your upper, lower and core body parts with guaranteed results. We will also work together to look at your current diet, I will advise you on the correct nutritional diet that will work with your new lifestyle.


Can I do this?

The answer is yes! Anyone can achieve the goals they want, whatever your age, sex, weight and level of fitness, I will get you fit, keep you fit - and you'll have fun doing it!

What do I do next?

Personal training is a really affordable way for you to get fit without spending endless hours in the gym. Contact me for FREE on: 0800 862 0298 or email:


Mobile: 07902 301 751



Level 1

Getting you fit and healthy.


Level 2

Reaching your peak.


Level 3

Pushing peak fitness.